Mon. May 29th, 2023

I am a beach person who loves the feel of sands on my feel and the caress of wind on my face. When I checked the different beach destination in India, I came across Pondicherry. I made the decision to visit this lovely place immediately. I decided to embrace the useful life experiences by making a road trip to Pondicherry via Chennai. The travel along the picturesque ECR road (East Coast Road) is worth mentioning as the visuals and experiences are unique.

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Pondicherry Trip : Explore Places

I hopped on a cab to enjoy the scenic beauty to the fullest instead of focusing on the road. The 156km trip to Pondicherry gave me the chance to see some exotic locations on the way like Cholamandal artists’ village, Kovalam beach, the Catholic-Portuguese church, Alamparai fort, and Mahabalipuram.

Pondicherry Trip: Best Time to Visit

Making the trip to Pondicherry during December means I can travel without suffering from humidity. The cooler temperature makes the trip pleasant and comfortable. Wearing comfortable shoes will help to go from one place to another on foot and enjoy the passing sceneries. Since winter spells attract tourists from around the country, make a booking in advance to get a good place to stay.

Place for Beach Lovers:

Once settled in, my inner beach lover decided to make a trip to the exceptional beaches in Pondicherry. There are a few must-visit beaches offering a memorable experience.

Auro Beach:

The Auro beach is one such beach located close to Auroville. The sun-kissed shoreline blew my mind away. The beach appears so pretty that the clear water and sea-shells awoke the inner-child in me.

My swimsuit came in handy as the calm water makes the beach perfect for swimming. People meeting and mingling is a part of Pondicherry trip as the location is rife with interesting individuals from around the world.

Promenade Beach:

My visit to Promenade beach opened chance encounters with friendly people who made my time interesting over good food and drinks. My next beach trip to Karaikal beach ensured a good workout as the swimmer-friendly place has calm and shallow water.

Aurobindo Ashram:

Apart from the beaches, Aurobindo Ashram is another location that attracted me to Pondicherry. The trip to Pondicherry is never complete without visiting the powerfully spiritual place. The place can help me connect with the inner-self. The ashram established by Shri Aurobindo and Divine Mother (MirraAlfassa) several decades ago is beautiful and well-maintained.

The tranquility and peace found at the locations are inexpressible using mere words. Shri Aurobindo established the ashram to use it as the main center to impart yoga training and promote meditation. Everyone visiting the place must remain silent. I am fortunate enough to experience peace at the center.

My Relaxing Mornings:

I meditated without any distractions in the evening. Early in the mornings and late evening are the perfect meditation time. The experience is surreal and unforgettable. Switching off the cellphones and detaching from the world offers a unique experience.


Auroville invoked my curiosity. It is the experimental community you can find 11km away from the Pondicherry. When I visited the place, I was amazed to see people from different countries living there in harmony. What caught my attention is the Matrimandir, the spherical temple adorned with golden discs. The place offers physical and mental peace. I walked ten to twelve minutes from the entrance to reach the viewing point. The walk did not exhaust me as the shaded area kept away the strong rays of the morning sun.

My Spritual Journey:

I am always fascinated by the Indian temple arts. In Pondicherry, the Ganesha temple near the Aurobindo ashram caught my attention. The

Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Devasthanam is dedicated to Lord Ganpati or Ganesha. The shrine worships the son of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. I offered my prayers in the temples and walked through the temple to see the amazing mural depicting Ganesha, Lord Shiva-Parvathi, and Lord Karthikeya. I was blown away by the murals of different gods and sages. The temple rituals made me stop admire. The musical instruments mrudangam and shehnai created a beautiful ambiance, which is not easy to express using words.

French-style architecture:

The French-style architecture made me wonder about the history of the location. As a history enthusiast, I have a delightful time at the Pondicherry Museum. It transported me to a bygone era. The fantastic collection of sculptures made me appreciate the sculptures. The display at the museum also consisted of the Arikamedu Roman settlement findings. The furniture, coins, and other things from the French colonial time captured my interest and made my time worthwhile.

Purity of the silence:

I bid adieu to the fabulous place with the famous quote from Aurobindo “When the mind is still, then truth gets her chance to be heard in the purity of the silence.”

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